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Email List Cleaning & Hygiene

Are data errors and corrupt data grinding your business to a standstill? Like many marketers, you have a robust email database, but lose around 35% of your email addresses per year because of bouncing emails. By using Email Update Service, your invalid email addresses are updated with a new deliverable email address for the same customer. Otherwise, your mission critical database could be costing you major dollars. Get maximum return on your investment (ROI) by email list cleaning, data scrubbing, data cleanup and mail list cleaning.

email address/data that comes from online forms and other user-entered data sources tends to have spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors. We can clean up your data by adding Title, salutation (such as Mr. or Mrs.), correct capitalization, upper/lower casing, and split or combine name and address fields.

Acquirelists Email Change of Address (ECOA) service keeps your email lists up-to-date by identifying bad emails and updating them with good ones.

Email List Cleaning & Hygiene /Data Scrubbing Service insures that your data is accurate, consistent and correctly formatted. In other words, data scrubbing (i e email list cleaning or email cleansing) gets your data ready to go to work for you.

Who can benefit from this service?

Any company or organization interested in reconnecting with customers and prospects lost to bouncing or inactive email addresses.

Benefits to you:

  • Reconnect with lost customers and prospects
  • Maximize your email deliverability
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails
  • Avoid being black/spam listed by major ISPs


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