Email Lists, Appending Service & List Management


  1. Increase sales opportunities
  2. Market effectively for the future
  3. Cost effective way to reactivate lapse/inactive customers
  4. Save postage and increase receivables
  5. Build a Solid Multi-Channel Strategy
  6. Provide a new channel of communications with your customers
  7. Support your direct mail initiatives (email in conjunction with direct mail has proven to increase overall response rates)
  8. More speed for your time sensitive communications
  9. Test new offers quickly before rolling out, Fast turnaround
  10. Our Multi-Source Approach Provides the Industry's Highest Match Rates

We match email addresses to your existing customer databases, and opt them to receive future communications. It is easy and cost-effective, and can have an immediate impact on sales.

How about results from customers whose email addresses were appended:

  • For email addresses that come from email append processing (remember, these were 24+ direct mail/telephone buyers only), individual matches resulted in a 500% return over the marketing investment after one year. Household matches still generated a net return of 200%.
  • Using Email Update Services has also been very profitable. Previous online buyers that had their email address updated with a new deliverable email address resulted in a 700% return on investment after one year. Imagine the results if this client also had access to their most-active offline buyers

Email Append Differentiators:

  1. You only pay for successful appended and delivered email addresses.
  2. We manage our own email append data and perform email appending in-house
  3. We do not sell, trade or give your records to third-party vendors
  4. Federal Communication Commission compliant & Direct Marketing Association compliant
  5. Quality Control: AcquireLists performs all CASS standardization and customer matching in-house
  6. Execute email append matching via our in-house database
  7. We only charge for results
  8. We guarantee deliverability of e-mails that we provide to you
  9. We manage or co-manage any customer complaints of the initial email append project


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