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Acquirelists in Action

Better Targeting Boosts Revenues

CHALLENGE: A technology manufacturer sought customers who were most likely to purchase the latest version of its software product.

SOLUTION: After analyzing purchase trends and other customer behavioral data, we developed a model that identified best prospects for the new version and predicted future buying habits.

BENEFIT: We uncovered "high probability" prospects, increasing revenue 68% compared to previous targeting efforts.

Improve Access to Customer Information

CHALLENGE: Despite a limited budget, one rapidly growing client needed to centralize customer and prospect data that resided in disparate "silos."

SOLUTION: Using data from 24+ sources, we built a single repository of reliable, up-to-date information—along with tools and training to maintain data integrity.

BENEFIT: With worldwide access to unified data from 13 countries, marketing efficiency and effectiveness improved dramatically.

Get It Together: Acquire & Integrate

CHALLENGE: After a major business acquisition, our client needed clear direction to consolidate marketing data and systems.

SOLUTION: We thoroughly analyzed the situation, identified discrepancies, defined business requirements, and delivered a decisive implementation roadmap.

BENEFIT: Our recommendations paved the way for a single, central source of customer intelligence that balances the need for global consistency with respect for regional control.

Software Company

CHALLENGE: Client wants to reach and target more of its software users via online. The company is offering customer support and project plans online at no cost to its current software users. Due to lack of online customer contact they have been unable to reduce their cost of customer retention. The company was looking for a solution that would both keep their renewal rates high while reducing costs by delivering customer support online.

The client decided to utilize our email address append service to identify its users, and to deliver additional information to them via email. They delivered a file containing the information for 585,281 of its software users that they had no online information on.

Acquirelists was able to append email addresses to 367,529 of its records . The initial broadcast to these online subscribers was extremely well received. Over 53% of recipients that opened the email and clicked back to their site for updates on new features. Client mails consistently to this database to inform its client base of new patches, upgrades, and company news and events such as webinars.

Global Oil Company

CHALLENGE: Client wants to expand their tremendous business & consumer customer database to take advantage of the efficiencies of email to execute special promotions campaigns and promote new services, updates, and sponsored credit card invoices via email. They were excited about the fact that our email append pricing is 100% results driven, and submitted a large file for email appending.

We were able to email append 268,854 email address which matched to their customer database. Global Oil company only pays for the addresses that are successfully appended and now has 268, 854 of their existing customers email addresses. They are now in a position to start communicating to their customers via email.

Automotive Manufacture

CHALLENGE: Client wants to use online advertising as a primary vehicle to promote value added offers and communicate with their customers. Before our email appending service, the client had only a very small database of email addresses for their existing customers. In order to build upon their previous success, they needed to expand the size of their online database using our email appending services.

Our email address append services processed match results of an amazing 62.3 percent . The client is now using this email appended database to communicate with current vehicle owners about upcoming models, recalls, news, parts and services. Open rates have proved to be well above 39 percent on average.


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