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35% Of All Bulk Mail Goes Directly Into The Postal Service Dumpster! How Much Of It Is Yours?

It's true - the United States Postal Service states it throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: "Mailing list cleanup." When bulk mail can't be delivered, it ends up in a postal dumpster. The two main reasons that mail can't be delivered are:

1) The address is incorrectly written, ambiguous or there is no such address known.

2) The address is good, but the recipient person or company is no longer at that location.

Address appending can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list and increase the value of your Direct mail list. We can append full contact details, including address, phone number, fax number, and area code etc.

High match rates ranging from 30-75%

Someone's waiting for an invitation to spend money. Do you have the right address?

How does Acquirelists Services Fix Your Direct Mailing List?

Scrubbing your list

Our mailing list cleanup includes deduping - and coding it by matching your addresses to the USPS National Database of known addresses will tell you which of your mailing addresses are good versus those that are already headed for the dumpster.

Mailing list cleanup

Including mailing list deduplication ( dedupe), is an absolute must to comply with USPS standards. USPS-based programs such as NCOA and ACS will tell you whether or not your recipient are still where you think they are or have moved (both NCOA and ACS services will tell you where), or disappeared and are no longer mailable (Nixie).

Deduplication included with our mailing list cleanup service will prepare your mailing list properly. In order to ensure timely delivery and qualify for bulk mail discounts, your mailing labels must meet United States Postal Service guidelines. We can ensure that your addresses are correct, your data is in the proper format (including presorts), and even print your mailing labels for you.


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