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Phone and Fax Number Appending

Acquirelists can help you with your call center and telemarketing efforts through phone number append and verification services. Phone number appending can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list. You can append phone numbers to your existing lists with our premium phone appending service. This service finds the most accurate phone information available and presents your updated file for download in just minutes.

High match rates ranging from 30-65%

With the help of Acquirelists phone services, you'll keep your phone numbers up to date, and get the most out of every dial attempt. Acquirelists also offers phone number validation and hygiene services to optimize your list and keep it free of bad data. Acquirelists confirms the accuracy of your telephone numbers on your database and append additional telephone numbers.

Our Phone Appending Serive include:

Business phone appending
Consumer phone appending
Verifying of existing business & consumer phones
New mover phone appending

Fax Appending Service:

We add the missing fax numbers based on unique combination of contact name and address for each record provided by you to get accurate fax numbers. Fax appending as the name suggests is the process of appending current fax numbers by matching with our opt-in database and giving the most updated matches.

Update your business database with correct fax numbers

This is a unique service from Acquirelists, as we understand the importance of prospecting the client with a multi-channel approach, not leaving any channel behind. This way we allow our clients to leverage all possible channels of communication giving them a very high ROI. In cases where you have obtained written permission from your clients to send fax messages; this is an excellent service for updating your business database with fax numbers.


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