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Data Management Service

Acquirelists is vastly experienced in handling large volumes of data and it’s our aim to make your data-marketing easier. Our data management solution is designed to take your data and turn it into a useable asset that returns successful results and profitability. Our comprehensive data management solution can incorporate all of Marketing Lists products to encompass a one-in-all data service that ensures your data is clean and up-to-date.

A database with undeliverable email addresses can have a negative impact on the bottom line and introduces risk in three ways:

Acquirelists offers List management and database marketing solutions exclusively for B2B companies.

Outsource your list management services to Acquirelists (Reduce Cost, Complexity, and Risk)

  • Secure e-mail list: The e-mail addresses of your customers are stored within a secure SQL Server database.
  • Subscriber filtering: Subscribers can be filtered against the opt-out list to prevent re-importing a subscriber who has opted out in the past.
  • Automated tracking/filtering of bounced e-mails. E-mail addresses can be removed after a specified number of bounces.
  • Reduce list management cost by 65%
  • Strict data confidentiality
  • CAN-Spam compliant
  • 350+ data specialists
  • Quality service with quick turnaround
  • Data Integration/ Data quality / Lead distribution

Our list management services include:

  • List Cleaning
  • Email/data appending
  • NCOA Move Updating
  • List Standardization
  • Enhancement / Appending
  • Address Standardization
  • Telephone/Area Code Update
  • List Profiling & Data Enhancement/De-duplication
  • Merge and Purge
  • Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services
  • Data protection

Let us help you:

  • Understand your client base - identify valuable customers and improve retention.
  • Qualify prospects - focus efforts by pinpointing your most promising targets
  • Boost campaign response rates - increase the relevancy of offers, delivery channels and timing
  • Cut costs - reduce list rental expenses and focus exclusively on well-defined targets
  • Deepen relationships - use predictive models to cross-sell, up-sell, and add-on or reactivate accounts more effectively.
  • No matter what shape your data is in, we'll quickly identify, prioritize and resolve the issues that keep your marketing initiatives from moving forward.


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