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Marketing List for Every type of Campaign

Delivers the highest quality business information available

Acquirelists brings together accurate and responsive market leading data from prestigious publishers,catalogers, online merchants and other leading direct marketers for use in lead generation and customer acquisition programs.

  • 42 Million Executive Contacts
  • 32.4 Million Emails
  • 13 Million Company Profiles
  • 5.1 million CEO/Owner Emails
  • 2,800 Industry Descriptions
  • 1,700+ technology vendors

CRM Data Cleansing and Updation Service

Bad data within your CRM system can drastically reduce the sales and marketing performance. Acquirelists CRM data cleansing services ensure that data within CRM is accurate and complete across the enterprise. Enhance the value of your data by intelligently enriching it with data from trusted sources.

  • Standardize Date
  • Matching and De-Duplication
  • Verify & Enrich Data
  • Data Profiling
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    Business Data Management Made Simple

    Email Appending Service

    Acquirelists Email Append service allow you to quickly append email addresses to your existing customer database and turn your contact list into a powerful marketing tool.

    Contact Appending

    We can add contact details of your targeted executives from the same company or functional/job area to your inhouse database. Find the contacts who aren't finding you.

    List Management

    Acquirelists provides end-to-end list management services. Our experienced team works closely with each list owner to identify bad emails or duplicate contacts are automatically removed.

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